All flats can Lease-buyback: Why?

Comments by Oogle

The Government does not want homeowners to profit from their HDB flats so they create no incentive and no value for your flats with remaining 60 years of lease by not granting you to use your CPF to purchase and do not allow you for a housing loan. And what do they do to profit themselves? They give you a Lease-buyback scheme which pays you peanuts for your high paying HDB flats so they can profit from their schemes all over again. Are they really sincere to help Singaporeans own their homes at an affordable price? No. Do not use any grants to buy your HDB flat, you need to pay back every cent you take in resale levies and future penalties like buying another HDB flat or renting from HDB. What about HDB loans? You need to repay a hidden tax from resale levies and pay back the interest you borrow from your own CPF savings which is even higher if you take a conmercial loan outside from banks and other institutions. What logic is this? Is then HDB a scam?

What HDB does not want you to know

“When you take a housing loan from HDB, you will enjoy a “concessionary” interest rate. This concessionary interest rate is pegged at 0.10% above the prevailing CPF Ordinary Account (OA) interest rate, and may be adjusted in January, April, July, and October, in line with CPF interest rate revisions.” HDB website

CPF (OA) rate has been fixed at 2.5% since 1999. So making it 2.6% for almost 20 years

A typical HDB loan of 200k for 25 years at 2.6% would mean a total repayment of 272k which gives HDB a net gain of 72K which is almost all profit… or 36% of your original loan amount and nearly 25% of the typical flat purchase price.

HDB is a government Stat board so who makes the profit? It should go in to the national coffers like any other income so in effect it is like a tax.

By comparison Commercial Mortgages are based on SIBOR + X% which except for a small period around the 2007 Crisis have been below 2% for the last 20 years and has averaged 1.66% making Private Banking rates much lower than the HDB rate for 2 decades. By choosing Commercial you would have had a nearly 20k saving in the same period over the last 20 years compared to an HDB loan.

So for the privilege of leasing an HDB you pay more than the private rates, the government gets a 72k windfall (Hidden Tax), and if you sell your HDB you have to pay back in to CPF an amount equal to CPF used (deposit and loan payments) plus the interest it would have earned if you had not touched it to be locked up for as long as the government deems fit as they believe you are incompetent to manage your own money.

All for something that is priced to include land cost of land that you never own and reverts to zero dollars for the building when the lease expires.

Do they really care for you? Or are they laughing all the way to their bank.