My Ideal requirements for 3D Search Engine

My Ideal requirements for 3D Search Engine

It is going to be the most complicated software project undertaken in the history of mankind where it may take up to 100,000 programmers worldwide to complete up to 5 years in time. If I have to, the ideal hardware also need to be invented although a scale down version on today’s hardware is still possible. It is a very advanced search engine, a data mining tool, an analysis software all combined together to mimic my capabilities at least 50% so when I am not around, many people can use my software to create productivity so advanced to solve problems in the world. All you need to a basic knowledge on any subjects, a connection to vast information on the internet, with the ability to answer “yes” or “no”, you can even do research work, analyse any situation to give yourself a bird eye’s view to solve problems. Programmers need to be trained in logic with the ability to code intelligently and most of today’s programmers do not make it unless they go for re-trainning. 
The next stage will be the programming language which will be like the english language where the computer of the future can easily be voice activated and controlled. Once the programming language is completed then the next barrier will be the Intelligent OS which may take my entire lifetime to create. Once I get where I want to go, I will release my project to the UN as no one country can complete it alone as the vast resources require the effort of the entire world.
Therefore my goals will be to find the best brains in the entire world by starting a worldwide programming contest, then retrain the best brains to make everyone code smarter and intelligently. There will be a lot of research that needs to be done to find the right answers, so even the programmers need to be involved with project leaders. 
Once everything is completed I will have the capability to link every single exchange 24/7 365 days a year with real time processing in the entire world to create the biggest market so that you can trade anything, no lack of capital anymore, with capitalisation of 100,000 times that will drawf the present day market. By then, there will not be a lack of resources and everybody can easily raise money to do anything they desire without a worry for money anymore. I have already planned everything and solved the most crucial problems of the entire world to discharge my duties to God, now is time for the entire world to accept my works freely and get rid of nuclear weapons for a future of prosperity.
– Contributed by Oogle.

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