An ATM machine is not a Bank branch

A reader at Stomp Coreen says she had $2,000 retained by an ATM at Hougang Branch that had just been serviced. When she queried the repairman who was still there at the time, he simply told her to call the hotline.

Here’s what she said –

“I made a deposit at the Hougang Branch at 8.07pm last night, after queuing for 15 minutes because the machine was being serviced.

“I was the second person to use it after the servicing but imagine my horror when the machine malfunctioned and produced a receipt indicating an ‘UNSUCCESSFUL TRANSACTION’.

“The serviceman who was still present could only tell me to call the bank and report and quote the machine number.

“I was put on hold for a long time as there was no direct connection to report the fault.

“Even when I was finally connected, I was told that it would take 1-3 working days for my money to be recovered as it had to be reported to the fraud team.

“Now, I have no idea if the money I deposited is registered correctly with them as it is supposed to be under fraud investigation.

“It’s so strange that the consumer’s money is held by the bank but we have to wait until their fraud team is done investigating.

“The worst thing is that the receipt does not even register my account number so despite their assurance saying my money is held safely, I have my doubts!

“And now I have many friends sharing the same experience they encountered either with deposits or withdrawal. Some had their account debited but no money issued whilst others experienced something similar to mine.

“Makes one wonder when they are going to buck up and wake up. Anyway, no matter what, I’m taking all my money out and going to another bank.”

Oh no, this sounds quite dangerous. Many people deposit large amounts of a few Ks, and to have the ATM eat it up like that, what if we can’t get our money back?! If the bank feels such large amounts are dangerous and be considered for fraud then they should inform us about it.


There is only a security camera located at the ATM machine where the transaction is captured but once if a discrepancy is highlighted, the fraud team will be activated to investigate the claims. Everything needs to tally, from your ATM card to the ATM machine to the computer bank records at the bank branch, if not, if something has been tempered with, even the police will be involved, so normally if you have a very large amount of cash to deposit, common sense will be to deposit at a live branch personally, or if there are issues it will normally take 2-3 days after investigation to return your money, I use the ATM very often and I do not have any issue, just use your common sense and do not do anything stupid, or there will be incidents of scam where you will see someone withdraw large amounts of money from an ATM machine where the amount indicate it is almost close to nil, typically no limit to the extend of credit, even doing it forever, and nobody will know his/her secrets because the person has root access to the ATM machine, and no records will be created for any transactions, all the way up to the central bank computers. These are the tricks the devil will use to steal, rob and kill, and force everyone to be very desperate for money, but I have full control of everything, there are plenty of jobs with a recovery of the world economy, you will not starve if you are willing to work, I will face the biggest headache as I will not be able to work until all my goals are reached, the US will finally give way to avoid a fiscal cliff.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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