I will trade the secrets of my 3D Search Technology for Food Aid for North Korea


If Google helps North Korea, I will trade my 3D search engine to help fund Food Aid for North Korea. But my condition is it must not be a secret, there must be proper documentation of the event, even an itemised lists of aid provided.
I will then provide my technology in a special folder in Google Drive where only the Administrators has access, free from prying eyes. What I need is a technical specs of your present search technology, and how I need to redesign it to my own 3D search technology which is extremely complicated that you need to customised from scratch. I can even provide you an exclusive licence to use it in the US, and there will be no competition from others in your own market, but I cannot promise you on a worldwide market basis. If there are any other suggestions you can mentioned them to me.

– Contributed by Oogle.

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