Project Lottery to increase my odds of winning at the lottery to Fund my Non Profit Organisation

I am now on a project to increase my chances to place a winning bet on the lottery by lowering my risks and increasing my chances of winning by following a system and analysing my risks using big data. First I collect all data from past winning numbers, then I use Pattern Recognition software with Artificcial Intelligence to calculate the chances of winning and to pick the winning numbees. Once a ticket is purchased the computers will record it into their database and will not pick those numbers again. That is the reason why lottery operators make a lot of money. The computer will then generate the winning numbers with the least amount of payout. That is the reason why lottery operators always win and makes a lot of money this way. As with Big Data my system relies on Artificial Intelligence to pick the winning numbers, it is thru a timeline that the machine learns to be more accurate, so the odds of winning is low at first but gradually increase over time. I will announce on my blogs when I manage to beat the odds to win in a lottery system.

_- Contributed by Oogle.

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